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All the prices seen below are the base price available for each commission type. The added charges depend on the amount of detail in your character or if you would like a background/shading and the number of characters. 
None of the prices below are the final price.


A small, cutesy drawing of your OC. 
Designs may have to be simplified to fit the art style. Some characters will not fit
this art style.
No shading available for chibis.

Badge Collab
$30+ For the art

With Fire-Topaz!
Please be aware that pricing for art may not reflect an increase in the plush badge.
You do NOT have to commission Topaz if you just want the art! They make great ToyHouse icons.

Emotes - Icons - Stickers
Happy Tappies

Emotes/Happy Tappies
Emotes start at $15 unshaded.
Happy Tappy emotes start at $25 unshaded.
Emotes are simple and quick little drawings to help liven up your Discord server
or Twitch channel or where ever else you might use them! Price varies if there is 
shading, extreme detail, props, or if they are a Happy Tappy.
Icons start at $25 unshaded.
Two options available for my detailed icons:

-Detailed shading/lighting with a plain background. Focusing on Expression.
-Lightly detailed shading/lighting and a detailed background, complimenting
the character's design and color scheme.


Starting at $50 you will receive a full body + full colored cleaned up sketch of your OC.
Prices may vary depending on design complexity.


You will only receive the design, the ref sheets below are examples of my
design work. If you order a design from me I will give a percentage off of my ref sheets. (Not applicable to Look at Me ref sheets)


$90+ for headshot
$100+ for bust/lockscreen/card sleeve
$250+ for fake screenshot
Headshots are from the neck up.

Busts are from the shoulders up and can have part of the wings (if any) showing.

Fake screenshots start at $250 which already includes background/shading. Any increase in price will be a result of the design being complex.


With background $400+
A full view render of your OC. Prices will vary depending on the following:

Character Sheet

A full body render of your OC displaying their design accurately for future purchases.
The following will require an upcharge:
-Detailed text
-Decorative elements

Element Break & Digivolution

A full body render of your OC featuring their signature element/magic.
The following will require an upcharge:
-Multiple Elements
-Complex Poses & Designs

"Look at me" Ref Sheet


"Look at me" Refs are an exclusive commission that I proudly offer. Please do not ask for it to be duplicated by another artist or duplicate it yourself.
If you'd like a "Look at me" ref, please consider commissioning me in the future! Thank you.

Each "Look at me" Ref sheet comes with the following:

  • Full body side view (without wings)

  • Two 'minis' to show the dorsal and ventral part of the wings or design details otherwise not clear.

  • Two headshots with expressions of your choice

  • One headshot catching the character's favorite food to show mouth colors

  • (Optional) A paw to show webbing, jewelry, number of toes, etc.

Any additional headshots/fullbody images in the reference is an upcharge. 
If your character has the same colors/patterns on both sides of the wings, I will substitute the mini with another expression shot.

Element Examples are a $50 upcharge.

Characters with feathered wings or complex designs will get an upcharge of $30. 

Name banners (optional) with simple sky detailing like Talon (shown below) start at $20.

More detailed name banners like Bareon, Amius, and Phyress (shown below) are $50+

The more complex, the higher the price. Keep in mind that these banners take as long as normal backgrounds for full drawings do.

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