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My name is LJ!

I'm a nonbinary artist that lives in Texas with my loving partner 

and our three cats: Bunny, Willow and Jupiter.

I'm a fantasy artist with a love and passion for birds. I hope you'll join

my community, Blue Jay Way to be able to catch Commission openings, stream

announcements, and more!




What is the shortest/longest working time for your average commission?


-It's all circumstantial, colored sketches are probably my quickest commission of a full body character. Those generally take about 2-3 hours depending on detail/color. My 'Look at me' ref sheets can take a week or more. It's a lot of back and fourth between the client and I to make sure everything is going smoothly. That's not to say I don't keep in contact with all my clients, those just require a bit more attention.


What DO and DON'T you draw?

-I draw a LOT of things! If you ask me, I will most likely say I can draw your animal/monster/alien creature! I have multiple examples on my 'Commission Prices' tab that shows this!

However I am admittedly not confident about my anthropomorphized artwork and humans are a heavy NO, as I don't feel comfortable taking payment for something I'm not confident in.


-Environments are another story in itself, I'm not comfortable or confident in background work like I used to be. If anything I don't enjoy it much. I focus heavily on skies, painting sunsets and night skies are my specialty. However I'm not going to say no to painting a snowscape, mountains, forests, etc. but if you ask me to draw a city or urban setting of any sort, it'll most likely be a no.

-I've had people ask me if I do NSFW work.  I do but as far as my main account goes, I am strictly SFW. I don't advertise my NSFW spaces openly.

What Art Program do you use? Drawing tools?

-I use Clip Studio Paint. My tools vary based on what I'm doing in the process. I like to sketch with pencil brushes and I use a pen tool to ink. My shading is a mix of different brushes.

What is your estimated turn around time for Commissions?

-That is another question that's very circumstantial depending on the commission type that is ordered. Like I said above, my "Look at me" refs take about a week or two with lots of back and fourth between the client and I. I can generally get two commissions done on a good day, depending on what is ordered. Needless to say I will not take more than a week to get your commission done unless something happens outside of my control, and if that's the case I'll do my best to get in touch with my client to let them know.

What are your favourite things to draw?

-I love to draw birds furry or otherwise, and Gryphons! I've been known for my dragons for several years but I don't enjoy drawing them nearly as much as I used to. I want to branch out from the community and dip my toes into other animals/creatures. There's not enough bird artists out there and I want to be one of the few that people can come to.

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